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I can give you thousands of reasons to List your home with DonnDonn Real Estate!

2 percent commission to the listing broker, saves you thousands of dollars in selling costs when you sell your home with Donn Kirst of Better Properties Eastside.

It doesn’t matter what company sells your house right now. The house goes on the Multiple Listing Service, the local sites like Zillow, Redfin, and countless other sites, pick up the listing and then your house has international exposure within a few days of listing.

There are other strategies that a Good Broker like myself will do that will help to enhance the marketability and sales potential of a home, but the key component is the Multiple Listing Service, Listing.

Donn will give you the same full-service Listing protection and enhanced marketing strategies that all of the other good Brokers do, but you will walk away with more money in your pocket at the end. It’s definitely worth a try.

And if after a few weeks of your home being on the market, and you do not feel that I am doing all that I can to help get your home sold at the best price and in a speedy manner, we can part ways. I just ask that you give me the chance to make things right with you first, and if you are still not happy, we can terminate the contract immediately.

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Now is the Best Time to Sell in the Puget Sound

Inventory is at an all-time low. Low interest rates and a high buyer demand has created an amazing market for sellers.

Things are great for sellers, but nobody can predict the near future

Don’t hold out too long! The Real Estate market and Stock Market are similar since nobody truly knows what will happen in the future. We can speculate based on trends, analyze complex models, and listen to millions of “expert” opinions, but we cannot fully predict with 100 percent accuracy what will happen next year or next month.  I can tell you that homes that are priced and marketed the right way, sell quickly and at maximum value. If you want to sell to cash out to go to your next adventure, move out of the area, upgrade to a nicer and bigger home, or you really have to sell now for whatever reason, DonnDonn Real Estate is here to help you.

If you have entertained the idea of selling or wondered what your home is really worth, then now is the time to start the conversation. Call me or fill out the “What is my home worth?” form and I will get you get you the best and most updated information to help you make an informed decision.

DonnDonn’s Listings Include:

+ Local, National, and International Marketing Exposure.
+ Appraisal Review
+ Your Home’s best marketing features consultation.
+ Guidance on Inspection and Cosmetic Improvements
+ Home Warranty for buyer & seller
+ Professional Photography and Virtual Marketing
+ Many Extras included

Peace of Mind Listing Agreement:

+ Flexible Commission – Saves you more money.
+ Cancellation, if you not happy.
+ Next Step Planning and New Home Search or Out-of-State Referrals.

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